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Koreans are very meticulous when it comes to skin care — just take a look at popular K-Celebs who are the practically #beautygoals of most young girls and even boys! More than just being famous for producing idols at an alarming rate, South Korea is particularly blessed with a plethora of beauty products at their disposal. The fact that they came up with a 10-step skin care routine that leaves their face looking flawless should come as no surprise.

Skincare is a part of their culture, and many Korean women start being proactive from a very young age and treat their skin and complexion like the ultimate investment. More than just a financial investment, it is also a time investment. So even if you might be following a strict cleansing and moisturizing regime every night before going to bed, you are still not even coming close to some important steps that Korean women use to achieve that flawless complexion.

Made up of 10 steps, it might seem like a process that would take up your whole morning and evening, it actually only takes about 15 minutes, and leaves your skin glowing.

  1. Pre-Cleanse: The first step would be the first cleanse in “double cleansing.” Using a oil cleanser, rid your skin of any liner, mascara, lipstick and the face makeup and buildup from the day.


  1. Cleanse: Next clean the pre-cleansed skin with a second cleanser. We recommend using the Elixir Derma Cleanser, infused with Bergamot oil. Its anti-bacterial properties eliminates acne-causing bacteria without stripping your skin of its natural protective moisture barrier, making it safe to use twice daily.


  1. Exfoliate: Use a soft exfoliating cleanser such as the Elixir Green Tea Revival Peel, focus on areas that really need special attention like the t-zone or around the nose. The Peel is rich in Green Tea Leaf Extract, a high performing ingredient that renews and restores youthful vitality to the skin. Exfoliating should only be done once-twice a week, so remember not to overdo it.


  1. Tone: Toner is what ensures your skin gets squeaky clean. Make sure to avoid alcohol-based toners, and look for something mild like the Elixir Toner Bergamot, which removes residual impurities and prepares your skin for the absorption of moisturisers and serums.


  1. Essence: The main difference between an essence and a serum is that while the toner cleans and preps the skin, the essence improves the skin. Skin becomes breathtakingly clear, leaving you with a complexion favored by all Koreans.


  1. Serum: Serums brighten, lighten and plump skin, improves texture, reverses signs of UV damage and more with cutting-edge technology and powerful vitamins, minerals and botanicals. The Hydro Complex 10kDA Serum has a high content of Hyaluronic Acid or H.A. (10K daltons) with low molecular weight for deep skin penetration, to protect, heal and regenerate the skin.


  1. Masking: Typical masks in the marketplace are basically super-charged sheet laced with serums. There are a huge variety of masks out there, but these masks are also often filled with alcohol which may be drying for the skin. We offer these Crystal Clear Gel Mask which does not have any alcohol content, and is made from natural plant collagen, which possesses strong electron-conducting properties and activates the skin absorption of nutrients by more than 98%, nourishing and repairing the skin effectively.


  1. Eye Cream: The eyes are said to be the first thing most people pay attention to when they look at someone, so it is important to not miss out this step. The Elixir Resilience Eye Cream is an intensely hydrating eye cream created for all skin types, refreshes and restores radiance to the eyes.


  1. Face Moisturiser: During the day, try to use something lightweight, that blends into skin really fast without leaving it greasy. Also don’t forget about neck when you are blending into your face. At night, use a cream that lets your skin breathe yet at the same time, locks moisture in the skin throughout the night, so you wake up looking fresh and beautiful. HAACH® Diamond Day & Night Elixir Cream understands your anatomy well enough to enable the efficient penetration of its active nutrients deeply to your skin, and reaping the benefits of balanced hormonal levels and enhancing blood circulation to accelerate the skin’s rejuvenating cycle.


  1. Sunscreen (AM only): The last and most important step before you leave the house should be the sunscreen! Prevent harmful exposure to UV rays with the Elixir 360° Solar Defender.


Remember, the most important Korean beauty makeup secret is less makeup, more skincare. You don’t need to exfoliate and mask every day, but whenever you can, give your skin an extra boost.