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So you woke up with a puffy face. Now what? The good news is that not all hope is lost for the rest of the day; a few smart strategies can help your skin bounce back quickly. To set the record straight on why you may be puffing up (plus, how to prevent this from happening again in the future), we consulted the experts. Here, their best tips for combating a puffy face first thing in the a.m.

1. What causes a puffy face?

People wake up looking puffy for many different reasons. A few common culprits are dehydration, seasonal allergies, and consuming too much salt or alcohol.

2. How to quickly get rid of puffiness

When you realize your face is puffy upon waking up, the first thing you should do is rinse with cool or tepid water and sit with a cold compress on. Drinking plenty of water is another method you can enlist, but exercising will take recovery a step further — the combination of sweating and replenishing water helps balance salt and water in your body.

If puffy eyes are your main concern, try applying wet tea bags; the caffeine in them helps shrink blood vessels. Or a simpler method would be to grab a sheet eyemask. The cooling effect in them will immediately help to deswell your puffiness.

3. Prevent yourself from waking up puffy

It’s important to hydrate throughout the day, especially if you are sensitive to salt. Prop yourself up with at least two pillows while you sleep so that water isn’t pooling in your face. And if it’s allergy season, be sure to take an antihistamine.

4. Use makeup to disguise a puffy face

When using makeup to conceal puffiness, contouring creates the illusion of a thinner face. Using an angled brush, apply a matte bronzer from ear to ear along your jawline and in the hollows of your cheeks just below cheekbones.