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Chemical Peel

What is it?

An in-clinic skin procedure carried out by professional doctor in which a chemical solution is applied to renew the skin with improved tone, texture and color.

How does it work?

At Dr.HAACH, we customise a chemical solution catered to individual’s needs to help penetrate through skin layers, breaking down skin cells and allowing the top layers of skin to peel off.

This process removes dead skin cells and superficial pigment to regenerate new skin cells and collagen. It results in an even skin tone, radiant and smoother skin.

Categories of peel

Superficial peel – the mildest type of peel, treating the most superficial damage from sun, acne and aging. suitable for all skin types. no downtime
Downtime – minimal to none. Expect to return to usual routine after treatment.

Medium peel – moderate strength peel effective in removing deeper acne scars and age spots. Effective in treating aging skin, reducing pigments and eliminating sun damage.
Downtime – 4 to 7 days. Expect some redness on the first day and 1 week of dryness and flaky skin.


  1. Reduce acne scarring and blemishes
  2. Reduce redness or discolouration (freckles, age & liver spots)
  3. Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  4. Improve uneven skin tone or texture
  5. Increase collagen production

Misconception about Chemical Peel

Myth 1: Peels are extremely harsh for the skin
Truth:   Superficial peels are gentle enough even for those with sensitive skin. It is much milder than a mechanical exfoliation. Our aesthetic doctor will analyse your skin and recommend the best peel suitable for your skin type.

Myth 2: Peeling and flaking for many weeks
Truth :  A significant downtown for peel only occurs with a deep chemical peel, which is not being practised anymore as there are laser treatments that can give better results. Peeling depends on the strength of the chemical peel agent. Superficial peel also know as “lunch hour peel” requires no downtime at all.

Myth 3: Chemical peel will burn through the skin, leaving it sore, red and painful
Truth :  During the peel, you may feel a little tingling sensation, tightness or warm but it will not hurt. You may also experience slight sensitivity after the session, to avoid any irritation always be sure to moisturize, skip exfoliation and drink plenty of water!